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Automatic Safety Swimming Pool Covers Above Ground For Outdoor

1.Specification 2.Main Component: 2.1 A set of mechanical device: Reel, bracket and assistant system 2.2 A set of customized safety covers 2.3 A set of power system 3.Payment T/T and Western Union

Product Details

1. Specification








Above ground

Main material

Fabric and Webbing


Blue, Grey, Coffee and others





Bracket system

All compents are 304 stainless steel, surface anodised

Input voltage

AC 110V-230V

Output voltage

DC 24V (Safe voltage)


150-500N.m, select according to the pool size.

Electronic control system

Remote control switch



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2. Main Component 

2.1 A set of mechanical device: Reel, bracket and assistant system
2.2 A set of customized safety covers
2.3 A set of power system

3. Payment
T/T and Western Union

4. Safety Tips

4.1 When the swimming pools open, let your children in your sight range, even if they can swim.
4.2 Pool cover is not a substitute for personal responsibility, their purpose is not to replace the parents and guardians to the protection of children.
4.3 The control operating switch of the cover should be kept out of reach of children.

5. Details

5.1 Installation way


5.2 Safety covers and Track


6. What Is An Automatic Pool Cover?

An automatic pool cover works in much the same way as a traditional pool cover. They cover the pool when you are not using it, preventing leaves, insects and other unwanted debris from entering the pool. They also lock water in the pool by collecting condensation and releasing it back into the pool water.  Furthermore, they can also prevent people from inadvertently falling in if used right.

The difference between an automatic pool cover and a manual pool cover is that you don’t have to physically drag it across the pool. You simply have to press a button and watch as it covers the pool automatically.

7. Is An Automatic Pool Cover Right For Me

If you are in the process of building or remodeling a pool and in need a cover that will provide safety, maintenance and heating cost savings, then the automatic pool cover might be the ideal solution for you. If you have an existing pool that has a clear path for the tracks to run parallel to each other without turning or going up or down elevation changes, then the automatic cover could be the cover for you.

8. Display

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If you are looking for Automatic Safety Swimming Pool Covers Above Ground For Outdoor, welcome to wholesale our quality products. As one of the leading swimming pool covers manufacturers and suppliers in China, we will offer you one-stop service. For more details, contact our factory now.

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