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What Are The Different Automatic Pool Cover Options

Sep 04, 2017

Deck Mounted Top TrackThis is the most common option used when you have an existing pool and you want to install an automatic pool cover. The motor and cover tubes are installed on top of the deck on one side of the pool and a bench is usually used to hide the system. Tracks are installed on the sides of the pool where the cover will run along when opening and closing. Recessed tracks are also available but your deck will need to be cut to house the recessed tracks.

Recessed Top Track: A recessed top track automatic pool cover system is usually done during new pool construction or a pool remodel. The motor and cover tubes are placed in a vault that is built out of concrete, wood, or a premade vault housing available through All-Safe. Like the deck mounted top track, the tracks run along the sides of the pool.

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Recessed Undertrack: A recessed undertrack system is the one everyone wants. The motor and cover tubes placed in a vault and the tracks are run underneath the coping or recessed into the pool wall. This makes the cover virtually disappear when open. The recessed undertrack system is usually done during new pool construction or a pool remodel. The pool shape will typically need to be rectangular but the track can be installed into a raised wall (must be done during pool construction).

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Manual Track System: Like the deck mount top track system the cover tubes and crank are mounted on the deck and tracks run along the side of the pool. The cover is operated with a manual crank. The manual track system is ideal for a small pool and pool shape that does require the cover to run along a lot of the deck.

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