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Swimming Pool Environment Requirements

May 17, 2017

1. Swimming pool environment Beautiful, comfortable, generous, elegant.

2. Opening hours, guests ' notice, price list and other signs at the entrance of the swimming pool.

3. Logo should be designed to be beautiful, with Chinese and English, the handwriting is clear.

4. Swimming pool, rest area, the overall layout of supporting facilities reasonably coordinated, fresh air, good ventilation, adequate illumination.

5. Indoor ventilation should not be less than 30 sqm/person ·

6. Indoor daylight rate should not be less than 30%.

7. Indoor should be maintained between the 25~30C, the temperature below the indoor temperatures I a 2 ℃ or so.

8. Indoor relative humidity should be maintained at 50%~90%.

9. Lounge chairs, chairs, table arranged neatly beautiful, large potted bonsai comfortable and clean.

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