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Sanitary Requirements Of Swimming Pools

May 26, 2017

1.PH value: 6.5~8.5.

2. Turbidity is less than 5 degrees.

3. Oxygen consumption is not lower than 12MG/L.

4. Swimming quality is clear and transparent, no dirt, hair.

5. Top layer glass and wall clean, tidy, ground water without water.

6. Urea must not exceed 3.5MG/L, water temperature is 22 ℃ ~26 ℃.

7. Colorless, transparent, clean and hygienic drinking water, in line with national health standards.

8. The total number of bacteria must not exceed 1000/ML, the total coliform flora must not exceed 18/L.

9. Resting area ground, lounge chairs, table chairs, utensils, dust, stains and wastes.

10. Free residual oxygen should be maintained between 0.4~0.6MG/L, combined with oxygen in 1.0MG/L.

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