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Rolling polycarbonate swimming pool covers panels

Feb 12, 2018

Rolling polycarbonate swimming pool covers panels

These covers are AWESOME! They work great and they look extremely slick. Ive only ever seen one of these on a customers pool before. The guy actually had it on a remote control and to watch it slowly unfurl over the pool was super cool. These covers are great at not letting any debris into the pool when they are unrolled. Which means your pool could potentially stay clean all year around. These covers also work just like a green house, using the sun to keep your pool warm throughout the winter, especially if you heat the inside of the enclosed space. The downsides are these covers are very expensive to install . Since I've ever seen one of these, I'm not sure if the pool needs to be square for them to work, but that's something to ask the company installing it for you. I'm sure if we can go to the moon, someone can build one of these bad boys over your crazy shaped pool, especially if you moneys not an issue.

automatic-swimming-pool-covers.jpg   automatic-safety-covers-above-ground.jpg

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