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How To Choose The Best Safety Cover For Your Pool

Aug 25, 2017

Let's explore the pros and cons of the three most popular pool covers:

Mesh Covers

  • Allows sunlight to filter through, warming the water while covered

  • Rainwater is able to filter through the holes into your pool

  • Eliminates need for a cover pump

  • Attached via anchors and springs to be able to support weight

  • Light weight for easy installation and removal 

1.jpg 2.jpg

Solid Covers

  • Eliminates all sunlight, protecting your pool from algae

  • Made of tarp-like materials that can be custom-shaped to your pool

  • Attached via anchors and springs to be able to support weight

  • Requires a cover pump or drain for water removal

Auto Covers

  • Operated by computerized program or switch so that only authorized users can uncover the pool

  • Often more aesthetically-pleasing, but less of a variety of colors to choose from

  • Virtually impossible for anything to penetrate

  • Requires a cover pump or drain for water removal

3.jpg 4.jpg

5.jpg 6.jpg

Another consideration would be to purchase two pool covers - one for daily summer use and one for winterization. Any pool cover is better than none, but you should decide which mixture of safety, convenience and efficiency is right for you. To view a more comprehensive outline of the differences of each pool cover and what they offer, visit our website:, will help you find the pool cover that is "just right" for your backyard swimming pool.

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