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Disinfection Methods Of Swimming Pools

May 26, 2017

UV method

Ultraviolet Ray is a low energy electromagnetic radiation, its energy is only 5eV, the penetrating force is very poor, ultraviolet irradiation energy is low, not enough to cause the atomic ionization, only stimulate the role of electrons in high-energy state without stripping, through the body of the water through ultraviolet radiation penetration into microorganisms in vivo action on nucleic acids, the original pulp protease, so that the chemical changes caused by microbial deaths.

Generally, 253.7nm as a representative of ultraviolet wavelength sterilization, because ultraviolet lamp is more convenient to use, and has certain bactericidal effect, so in epidemic prevention, medical and industrial disinfection use is more common.

Ozone Disinfection Method

Ozone at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure is an unstable pale blue gas, for a variety of viruses, bacteria have the ability to kill, to degrade all kinds of organic poisons, in addition to color, smell, deodorant, improve the effect of water quality is excellent, its mechanism is through the destruction of bacterial dehydrogenase interfere with its respiratory function, oxidation of various enzymes and proteins, destroy the membrane structure to achieve disinfection effect.

Metal Ion Method

The application of metal ion treatment in the field of swimming pools is quite mature in Europe and America and Japan, is a new generation of swimming pool treatment Technology Navigator, because the metal ion treatment method using pure physical disinfection, treatment does not produce any harmful by-products, water quality to meet the EU standards, because the whole process does not produce waste gas, the EU has been recognized and recommended by the EPA.

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