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Benefits Of Slat PVC Pool Cover

Jul 29, 2017

1. Energy-saving: not only does this automatic cover do away with electrical components, it will also assist in reducing filtration times given that debris no longer collects in the pool water. Chemical savings are also made as a result of the improved water hygiene.

2. Water savings: evaporation is curbed by 98%+, translating into significant water savings.

3. Natural heat-generation: a swimming pool loses most of its heat through evaporation, something which can be reduced with a pool cover. Solar slat cover offers the highest savings and temperature increases as the top transparent layer allows for solar energy to pass through the slats while the black bottom layer then retains the heat and transfers it to the water. Solar slats are an ideal method to heat up the swimming water in an environmentally friendly manner and extend the swimming season.

4. Child safety: by adding a safety rail, children and pets are protected from drowning.

5. Aesthetics: provides a beautiful finish to the designer home for a fraction of the price of high end in-ground automatic systems.

6. Ease of use: sleek, push of a button convenience.

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