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3 Advantages Of Auto Covers

Aug 01, 2017

1. Safety: You can’t always be there to watch your loved ones. For owners with children or pets, the cost of a pool cover is a small price to pay for safety.

2. Cost: Over time, the money saved on heating and cleaning costs can eventually surpass the initial cost of the pool cover.

Annual cleaning, chemical treatments, and heating costs range from $499-1540. The use of a pool blanket can cut these expenses by up to 75%.

3. Convenience: Automatic covers seal out dirt and debris, keeping pool water crystal clear and very low maintenance.

Most pool-owners report a reduction of daily and weekly maintenance time by up to 75%, minimizing the need for busy owners to hire a pool cleaning service.

Currently all pool owners are required by law to install a fence with a lockable gate, intended to prevent accidents. But a gate left unlocked or a broken lock presents as much danger as a pool with no fence. Automatic pool covers are proven to reduce the risk of accidental drowning, and significantly lower the cost of pool maintenance.

These well-crafted covers keep debris out, seal solar and artificially produced heat in, reduce your pool maintenance costs and most importantly, protect your loved ones from danger.

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